We're Getting Ready for the 5th Annual Holiday Invitational

Thursday, October 13, 2022 2:01 PM | Anonymous

This is what the CVA gallery looks like when it's completely empty...a sight few people ever see.

Right now in the gallery, we're enjoying the last few days of the incredible Personhood exhibit featuring the work of Jesse Hoyle, Aliyah Bonnette, Tre Wilkes, Jessica Bloch-Schulman, Kathryn Fulp, and Greta Boney.

After that, the Casa Azul folks will come install their exhibit of ofrendas - if you haven't seen this tradition associated with the Dia de los Muertos, you MUST come see the exhibit. 

While that is happening, we at CVA will continue working behind the scenes to get labels made, prepare pedestals and shelves, create press releases and social media posts, and market the HOLIDAY INVITATIONAL. The Invitational is a months-long project for the CVA, and it's an important one for us because it brings a lot of visitors to the gallery and a lot of sales that benefit the artists and our mission.

Stay tuned to this blog, where we'll be featuring artists, artworks, and events all season long!

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