Arnold Tilden Dorenfeld, (1935-2003) was born in Chicago and became known simply as Doren during a prolific career dedicated to photography.   After serving as a photographer in high school and the Navy, he graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology (1961) where he studied with Minor White, Ralph Hattersley and Richard Zakia.  The spiritual aspects of photography and the celebration of everything visual were common threads among these teachers.  However, it was primarily Minor White who shaped Doren’s philosophy and inspired him to write poetry and prose while photographing extensively.

When putting together this show, we wanted to honor Doren’s commitment to education, and his curiosity of life. In the same regard, we want to honor how trying the last few years have been, and the strength, drive and curiosity that these experiences have brought out and made visible. Much of the beauty in Doren’s work and much of street photography is its ability to show us the unseen, the invisible moments and work of those around us that help society function. Today, in 2021, so much of the photography that we experience is a glossy, shiny, Instagram and fashion magazine curated veneer of perfection, this is not what we want to show as part of this exhibition. We want to challenge the idea of photographs and lens based media being used to uphold the status quo, to question the accepted order of everything and subvert the “normal”. 

While this show is not about the pandemic, it is about the focus that the extreme trauma the last few years has given us, it is about interrogating race, gender, ableism, philosophy and how we can and are subverting it through image making. It is about deeply personal work, and internal and external dialogues. It is about questioning photographs as “fossils” and working in the idea of them “in the process of being”. Most importantly, this show seeks to explore how an artist sustains a practice v.s. how a practice can sustain an artist. We aren’t seeking answers, but rather seeking  to break down accepted norms through the act of questioning with real purpose.

With all this in mind and with A.  Doren being the jumping off point, we have made a few stylistic choices and limitations for this exhibition. This show will be strictly Lens Based Media, or photographic process. We welcome all types of photography, but hope to see just as much alternative and experimental processes as traditional. Photography work should all be monochromatic, video work is encouraged to explore ideas through monochromatic imagery, but not required.  All works must have been completed from January 2019 to present.

Best in Show will be conferred by Lesley A. Martin, and will receive a $750 stipend plus a solo show in conjunction with the 2023 Photo Biennial at the CVA.

Lesley A. Martin, who began her career at Aperture as a work scholar, is creative director, publisher of The PhotoBook Review, and editor of more than one hundred books, including On the Beach by Richard Misrach (2007); Illuminance by Rinko Kawauchi (2011, reissue 2021); LaToya Ruby Frazier: The Notion of Family (2014); Zanele Muholi: Somnyama Ngonyama, Hail the Dark Lioness (2017); The New Black Vanguard by Antwaun Sargent (2019); and Sara Cwynar: Glass Life (2021). She was commissioning editor of The Chinese Photobook (2015); a contributing editor to Japanese Photobooks of the 1960s and ’70s (2009) and The Latin American Photobook (2011); and curator of The Ubiquitous Image (2008), The New York Times Magazine Photographs (with Kathy Ryan, 2011), and Mickalene Thomas: Muse (2016). Lesley’s writing has been published in IMA magazine, FOAM, and Aperture. In 2012, she cofounded the Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards and, in 2020, she received the Royal Photographic Society Award for outstanding achievement in photographic publishing. Lesley is currently a visiting critic at Yale School of Art, New Haven, Connecticut.

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All artists, age 18 and older who reside in the United States are eligible to enter. All lens based media and styles will be considered. Photography work should all be monochromatic, video work is encouraged to explore ideas through monochromatic imagery, but not required. All work must be ready to hang. No reproductions will be accepted.  All works must have been completed from January 2019 to present and have not previously shown in the CVA Gallery.


July 25, 2021: Submission deadline

August 1, 2021: Email notification sent to artists

August 16, 2021: Deadline for delivery of artwork          

August 31 – October 23, 2021: Exhibition dates

September 3rd: opening reception, 6-9 p.m.

November 1 - November 7, 2021: Pick-up or shipping of artwork


$25 for up to three artworks.

$5 for each additional artwork up to 6 artworks

July 25, 2021 is the submission deadline

  • Up to 6 entries, each artwork can be  represented by one full image and up to 3 detail images, approximately 300 dpi, jpgs.

  • Video work should be submitted via a youtube or vimeo link. If submitting video work of considerable length, please provide an excerpt of no more than 2 minutes long. Submissions that do not follow this guideline will not be considered.

  • Image files should be labeled artistname_artwork title.jpg

  • Artwork information (per piece: artist name, artwork title, date of creation, media, dimensions, and value). Include thumbnail of artwork with artwork information

  • Artist and/or artwork statement up to 250 words

  • Artist website or social media

Applications will be reviewed after July 25, 2021. Final notification emails will be sent on or before August 1, 2021.  However, please be aware that delays are always possible with the jurying process. 


The artist is responsible for providing all hanging devices that are necessary in the installation of the artwork (gallery will provide basic hanging devices like nails and screws).   If complex installation is required, artist may be personally responsible for the artwork installation. 3D work must be well constructed and self supporting. 2D and 3D work must be able to fit through a standard door opening and not exceed 75 pounds.  Please contact Devon McKnight devon.mcknight@mycvagreensboro.org to discuss the specifics of a particular piece. 


The selected works will hang in the CVA Gallery from August 31 – October 23, 2021.



Exhibited works can be noted as “For Sale”, “Not for Sale”.  The artist must determine the value of the work and note it on the image list to be sent in with associated digital images.  The gallery’s 40% commission will be added to the work’s value should the piece be offered as “For Sale”.


The artist is responsible for all costs related to shipping and insurance of artwork while in transit to and from the gallery. Artwork should be shipped in a substantial, reusable container and include a return label. The CVA Gallery will not be responsible for damage due to incorrect packing or an insufficient container.

Send artwork to:

Center for Visual Artists

200 N. Davie Street, box 13

Greensboro, NC 27401


Jesse D. Hoyle is an interdisciplinary artist and Programs Curator at Elsewhere Museum, in Greensboro, NC. They received their Bachelors in Fine Art at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2011. They work in the intersections of lens based medias, and explore philosophical concepts of memory and truth and their malleable natures. They create work based in the photographic still and moving image, in film and digital form, and incorporating alternative and experimental processes.

Raised in rural North Carolina, the traditions of oral histories, cultural and sovereign knowledge, and its multiplicity, memory, identity, queerness and place are the basis for most of their work.

Hoyle’s current work as Programs Curator of Elsewhere Museum, sees them managing all public and internal programming as well as overseeing the residency programs. In the past they have worked for artist Sylvain Couzinet-Jacques during the creation of his Eden project with Aperture Publishing and Fondation d'entreprise Herm├Ęs, and for the Weatherspoon Art Museum as Curatorial Assistant. They have shown work at a variety of community galleries in Greensboro, NC, several colleges, independent pop-up exhibitions and at Aperture Foundation, in New York.

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FOR ALL QUESTIONS EMAIL: devon.mcknight@mycvagreensboro.org

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